Thursday, February 04, 2016

Good Morning, Texas - January 29, 2016

One of our good friends, Tim Kraftson, is the Director of Operations for the Slim Chickens restaurant chain.  From the first time that we visited Slims, our boys were hooked on their chicken.  They love it!!!

A few weeks ago, Tim called Wade and asked if the boys would like to be on Good Morning Texas for a segment featuring Slim Chickens.  Eating their favorite meal and being on TV?  Um, yes, please!  They were stoked!

Tim had set up the segment to be a wing eating contest - just in time for the Super Bowl.  Fun!  When one of their employees was unable to make it to the segment, Tim asked Wade to fill his spot.  The contest ended up being quite the duel, and Daddy ended up bringing home the prize.  It was such a fun experience!!!  Thank you, Tim, for giving our kids such a neat opportunity!

I had never seen a real TV set - so cool!

 I LOVED Carrie McClure!  She was so personable and gracious!  She went out of her way to meet me (I was avoiding the camera/attention like the plague!).  She shared with me that she has 3 sons also, so we were "kindred sisters."  I thought that was so sweet of her to say!

 Clayton enjoyed his wings - he had it written all over his face!  Haha!

 In the "green room."

 Mr. Tim - what a guy!
 We DVR'd the show, and the boys couldn't wait to watch it when they got home.  ;)

 What a fun TV debut for my guys!