Monday, February 15, 2016

First Grade Manners Ball - February 12, 2016

At our little school, our 1st Graders participate in a manners ball in February.  It is such an adorable event!  The kids dress in fancy clothes, practice their manners, dance to a song that they have learned, recite an acrostic poem, and enjoy a breakfast buffet.

 Drew pulling out his partner's chair.

 Cute little line dance.  :)
The kids wrote an acrostic poem using the letters in their name.  Drew used his "long name."  A - Awesome  N - Ninja  D - Dog Lover  R - Really Strong  E - Energetic  W - Wacky
 Sweet little table of friends
 All of the 1st Graders in their Sunday best
 The Carpenters can't pass up a good photo booth
 We love our precious Drew so much!