Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Fun Run - January 28, 2016

Our little school has an annual Fun Run event each year to raise money for campus improvements.  It is always a neat event that the kids get soooo excited about.  This year, the "Frosty Fun Run" was planned for January 28th.  I must admit that I was more than a little bit nervous about the kids running in frigid temperatures and feared that we would all freeze to death.  Much to my surprise, we have had an unseasonably warm January and it was around 70 degrees when the kids ran!  We were all sweating - who would have thought it?!?!

The boys did great!  I was so proud of them for running hard!

I didn't even recognize Drew when he walked up to me - ha!  Our room mom is super duper fun and had gone all out on getting the kids spirit wear.  They had colored hair spray, mustache sunglasses, necklaces, the whole nine yards.  ;)

 His biggest cheerleader gave him a high five after the race was over.  :)

 Drew's little class is so sweet!
 Clayton Carpenter was all business!  That boy was stretching and getting set.  He was like an Olympic sprinter, I tell ya.  ;)

 He finished with a smile!  Proud of him!
 The 5th Graders
 These two are both the youngest of 3 kids, so they stick together!  :)
 Owen really wanted to run a lap, so Clayton took him around after everyone had finished running.
The Frosty Fun Run was a smashing success!