Sunday, July 06, 2014

July 4th, 2014

I love celebrating the 4th of July!  It is seriously one of my favorite holidays!  This year we celebrated with family at the lake - sunshine, water, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, great grandparents, yummy food, and fireworks.  It was a wonderful weekend!

I'm crazy about dressing my boys in patriotic clothing.  I think they look so sharp in red, white, and blue!

Uncle Joe & Aunt Kim were so kind to host us all at their lake house.  It makes my heart so happy to know that my kids will have lots of childhood memories of being with family at the lake.  They are some blessed kiddos!  Thanks, Kimi & Joe for having us!

 Classic Drew - 2 thumbs up!  This kid loves life!  :)
Clayton was all about the jet skis this year.  Oh my, this boy and his lack of fear...  Ay-yi-yi...  My grey hairs are multiplying by the day.  ;)
 Sweet Owen just swam and swam right by the dock.  Sweet boy...

 Grandaddy attempted to fish off of the dock.  I am pretty sure that my little band of crazies drove all of the fish away.  Ha!
 Doug and Zack were so sweet to spend time with my boys.  They talked to the boys about what they wanted to be when they grew up.  Doug was sweet to encourage the boys to set their goals high to reach their maximum potential.  These boys love Doug, so I am sure that they took his advice to heart.  :)
 This poor child...  It's a shame that he has no personality.  I really wish that he would come out of his shell...  ;)

 My Hubs can slolam ski with the best of them.  What a stud!
 Love my little boating buddy.
 Clayton was a tubing fool!  It was mind over matter - he had a death grip on that tube and refused to let go!
 Happy, sunburned little lake rat
 Owen tried tubing for the first time!  He did great!  Joe pulled them super slow.  O started off nervous, but declared it to be "awesome" at the end of their ride.  :)
 Baby Jay is so fun!  (I still call him "Baby" even though he is married, has a full beard, and has a 2 year old daughter.  I can't help myself.  He was 10 when I met him.  ;) )  Clayton told Jay that he had never jumped off of a boat, so Jay was determined to remedy that situation.  Ha!
  My one shot of fireworks before my camera battery died.
Happy Birthday, America!