Monday, July 14, 2014

Critter Camp 2014 - 7/7-7/10

Clayton was able to attend Critter Camp again this summer with his sweet gal pal, Maggie.  They had the best time - just as wonderful as their experience last summer.  I am so glad that we stumbled upon such a fun camp!  The Animal Sciences teacher that started the camp many years ago has retired.  Mr. Clapperton took over, and he ran it very much the same way.  The kids rotate through stations and get to interact with all kinds of animals - bearded dragons, blue tongue skink, geckos, Russian tortoise, Sulcata tortoise, chinchilla, hamsters, ferrets, rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, African pigmy hedgehog, tarantulas, scorpions, Mexican king snake, albino California king snake, corn snakes, ground boa, ball pythons, bull snakes, and much more.  They learn about the animals' habitats, diet, etc.  At the end of the week, they get to take home an animal of their choice and care for them over the weekend.  It is a great educational experience for the kids!

From the very beginning of the week, Clayton was drawn to the ferrets.  He told me that he wanted to take home Toast for the weekend.  I wasn't thrilled about hosting a "weasel" in my house, but I was grateful that he chose something that didn't have scales.  Ha!

Drew was at Grammie Camp that week, but Owen got to go in the school and see all of the animals.  He was a big fan of the tortoise.  ;)
 Clayton filled out his own preference form.  I tried to steer him towards the sugar glider or the chinchilla, but he was dead set on Toast the Ferret.
 My sweet friend, Traci, and her little girl, Adelyn, happened to be visiting during the week of Critter Camp.  Clayton was so excited to show them the animals.  Traci isn't much of an animal person, so I was cracking up at her expressions.  ;)

 Bearded Dragon
 Albino Salamander
 Maggie with a Cockatiel
 Sugar Glider
 I made the mistake of calling this guy a snake.  Our little animal scientists were quick to point out that it had a backbone, so it was, in fact, a legless lizard.  Ahhh... good to know!  ;)
 The littles got to hold the snake too (er, uh, legless lizard).  Ha!
 Another lizard of some kind...
At some point in the week, one of the sweet teenagers that helps with the camp was talking to Clayton.  She was kind to compliment Clayton on his handling of the animals and mentioned that he should work at the camp when he is a little older.  Well, my boy puffed up and asked if he could be a Jr. Helper now.  That sweet girl got him a name tag and declared him to be a Jr. Caretaker.  Ha!  Teenagers tend to get a bad rap, but I am learning that there are LOTS of great teens in the world.  So encouraging for this Mama!
Clayton got to bring Toast home, and enjoyed him.  He was pretty stinky and tended to tee-tee first thing every time that Clayton got him out of the cage (Clayton knew that was to be expected).  I certainly don't want to own a ferret, but it was just fine as a short term house guest.  ;)
 C was sad to see Toast go.  :(
It's hard to believe that Drew will be old enough to go to Critter Camp next year!  I guess that means that we will be hosting 2 animals...  Oy vey!