Wednesday, July 16, 2014

ER Visit - 7/13/14

I knew that having 3 sons meant that we would have our fair share of bumps and bruises.  What I didn't count on was the fact that my most cautious child would have more trips to the doctor, more surgeries, and more ER visits than the other two combined.  Sheesh!  My Drew is so precious, but he has cost me a fortune in copays.  It's a good thing that he is so cute!  ;)

Wade was out of the country from July 5th - 15th.  When he is gone, I try to plan lots of activities.  I've learned that if we are busy, the time passes more quickly.  So, for this trip, Drew was at Grammie Camp for part of the time, Clayton was at Critter Camp for part of the time,  we had some really precious house guests for part of the time, we went to Holly Lake for part of the time, and we went to see my parents in Houston for part of the time.  It was a super fun, but super busy, 10 days!

On July 13th, we drove from East Texas to Houston.  I was so excited that my kids were going to see all 4 grandparents on the same day.  Such lucky boys!  As soon as we walked in my parents' front door, the boys were begging to go for a swim in their pool.  Within minutes they were in their suits and swimming.  About five minutes later, Drew attempted a front flip (I have no idea why my typically cautious kiddo tried such a thing!) and under rotated by a mile.  He came up clinching his neck and was inconsolably crying.  I wasn't sure where he hit, and I couldn't call Wade (because of the time difference).  My parents and I decided that I should probably take him to the ER to get checked out.

It was Sunday night and the ER was super busy.  We waited for 3 hours to be seen.  To my surprise, the doctor didn't do any X-rays or a CT.  He said that his neuro exam was fine and that we didn't need to take any further action.  The nurse in me wanted to see an image of that little noggin so that I could be certain that it was still in one piece.  But the weary Mama in me just wanted to get back to my parents house.  I decided to trust the doctor and just take my boy home.  He ended up being fine, praise the Lord!  I am sure that I lost a few years off of my life, but at least he was no worse for the wear.  ;)

Between a 36 hour NICU stay, reflux, ear infections, RSV, 2nd degree burns on his hands, two sets of tubes, adenoids removed, a nasal coblation, and this ER visit, my Drew has sure put us through the ringer!  I'm hoping that his future medical history is much less eventful than his past.  Bless his heart.  He is such a sweetheart!