Saturday, May 10, 2014

Kindergarten Round Up - 5/9/14

My Drew will start Kindergarten in the Fall!  What?  How can that be???  I would be sad, but he is so ready both socially and academically!  I am confident that he is going to do great!  Having an October birthday has been great for my boy.  I have seen him grow and mature so much over the last year.  He is fully prepared for Kinder.  I am excited to watch my baby bird spread his wings and fly a little bit.  :)

Our new little school had Kindergarten Round Up on May 9th.  Drew was super excited to spend some time with his classmates and teachers while I went to a parent meeting.

 I bought him his spirit shirt, and you would have thought that I had handed him a bar of gold.  He was so proud of that shirt!  :)
Drew will go to school with one of his sweet friends from church.  They have very similar personalities, and I know that they will love being in school together.  I have my fingers crossed that they are in the same class.  
I got a lot of information in the parent meeting about what our homeschool days will look like and learned about the curriculum that they use at our new school.  Drew did well on his assessment and said that the teachers were really nice.  He did say that he and his buddy were in different groups and "no one played with" him in his group.  :(  It was a good opportunity for me to talk to my shy child about how everyone else may be nervous, too.  We worked on how to introduce himself and how important that it is to make eye contact.  I'm hoping that it was just pre-first day jitters.  Hopefully, he will be much more confident on the first day of school now that he has been exposed to the environment and met all of the kids.  :)

Ready or not - Kindergarten, here we come!


Gran said...

Drew's teacher will fall in love with this guy. She is truly blessed.