Thursday, May 15, 2014

BSF - 2013/2014

This year I participated in BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) on Wednesday mornings.  I was really excited about getting involved in an in-depth study and looking forward to the way that it would encourage my walk.  It was an interesting experience...  There were things that I loved and things that I struggled with.  I loved the individual study so much!  I spent hours and hours in the Word working through the challenging questions.  That was my very favorite part of BSF!  I loved studying Matthew and the other Gospels verse by verse.  I learned a ton about Jesus' life, ministry on Earth, death, and resurrection.  That was a precious gift that came from BSF!

My discussion group - we had some great conversations about Scripture throughout the year
I loved, loved, LOVED the Children's program.  It was seriously so amazing!  Owen loved going and he got a lot out of it.  Mothers are asked to volunteer in the Children's area 3 times per year, so I got to see first hand how they taught these little ones.  I was blown away!  They used hymns, songs, and rhymes to teach Scriptures and Biblical principles.  I served in a 12-18 month class, and even those little bitties were learning that "every word of the Bible is true" and to "touch the Bible gently."  It was wonderful!  They also had the children lay flat on their faces and have a "quiet time" with Jesus.  The kids learned to lay patiently until their teacher came around to pat them on the shoulder and say, "Owen, Jesus loves you."  Then, they knew that they could get up.  It truly was an eye-opening experience for me and totally changed how I interact with the children at my home church when I serve in our Children's department.

Owen had Mrs. Johan and Mrs. Carver in the Fall and he still talks about them!  If you ask him who his teachers are he says, "Mrs. Johan and Mrs. Carver."  They were precious!
 He had Mrs. Zimmerman and Mrs. Olson in the Spring.  They were just as wonderful!  They were so kind and loved on those kiddos well.

Even though I struggled a bit with some of the teaching and the rules for the sake of rules, BSF was overall a good experience.  It challenged me to spend many, many hours in the Word, and that is always a tremendous blessing!  It also made me grateful for my home church and the sound teaching that we get week in and week out.  Due to our changing schedule in the Fall, I will no longer be able to go to BSF.  I am excited to get back into the Women's Bible Studies offered at our church, though.  I feel extremely blessed to have churches that cater to young moms (even offering free childcare!) to encourage us to study the Bible.  I am so very thankful for that!


Katie said...

Sarah, I'm excited to start BSF in a few weeks and am curious about the teaching and rules you struggled with. Would you mind sharing some of those with me?