Tuesday, May 06, 2014

A Midsummer's Night Dream - 5/5/14

As one last hoorah in the 3rd grade, Clayton's little school has the tradition of putting on a Shakespeare play during the last week of school.  Those kids (and their teacher) worked so hard memorizing lines, making props, and practicing their comedic/dramatic timing.  I must admit that my expectations of 9 year olds performing a Shakespeare comedy, but I was so pleasantly surprised!  They did a great job and were truly very funny!

I had to laugh at the way that Mrs. H assigned the parts.  The most mischievous (but funny and sweet!) little boy was cast as Puck.  Clayton was assigned the role of Lysander, and his "arch enemy of all the girls" (his words, not mine) was cast as his love interest.  Ha ha!

 C snickering at himself after one of his funny lines.  ;)

 Puck working his magic on the enchanted couples.

 Clayton was most excited about this scene where he got to wrestle with his buddy, Reid.  ;)

 The Final Bow

What a fun way to finish out the year!  Clayton loved getting to talk to his Gran (my mom taught High School English for many years) about their play and truly enjoyed his first Shakespeare experience.


Gran said...

I'm glad you did a comedy, Clayton.
Shakespeare had a true sense of dry, sometimes racy, humor. I would love for you some day get to visit where he wrote and produced plays. I only read and looked at visuals of merry old England.