Sunday, March 23, 2014

Tricycle Speedway - 3/9/14

During their transportation unit at preschool, the kids learned about bike safety and the necessity of helmets.  That made the Nurse in me very happy!  As a fun event, the kids got to participate in the "Tricycle Speedway."  The kids brought their helmets and bike to school to practice what they had learned.  It was a super fun day for all of the kiddos!

Drew decided to bring his Big Wheel to school, because he was convinced that it would be faster than his bike.  He was determined to win the race!  Drew is usually my easy going, passive little guy.  But, apparently, he has a competitive streak!  He was cutting some tight corners and making sure to stick to the inside lane.  Apparently, he has watched too much Nascar with his Daddy.  Ha! 

The Tricycle Speedway was a fun day for my boy!  :)