Monday, March 10, 2014

Clayton's Medieval History Festival

At Clayton's little school, each grade has a "festival" day at some point during the year.  Each festival centers around the time period that grade is studying that particular year.  I have blogged about all of Clayton's previous festivals HERE.  It is a really fun day for the kids!  They get to recite all of their memory work about that historical period and dress in a fashion typical of that time.  They also sing songs, play games, and eat food all from that time period.  It is a lot of work for both the parents and the kids, but it's always worth it.  :)

This year, Clayton's class has been studying Medieval Europe.  They had their festival on January 29th - the day after Drew's surgery.  That wasn't ideal, of course, but it all worked out.  Papaw was sweet to hang out with Drew & Owen while Wade & I went to Clayton's festival.  Thank goodness for Papaw!  :)

All of the kids did so well!  They came in singing a Latin song and then their teacher introduced each child as they bowed/curtseyed.  She introduced them as "Sir," "Lady," "Friar," etc.  It was pretty cute to watch these little 3rd graders take their introductions so seriously.  ;)

 Sir Clayton Carpenter did a fantastic job on his memory work!  He described the life of a knight and the process of becoming a knight.  He didn't make a single mistake and spoke clearly and slowly.  Good job, Clayton!
 On one knee, waiting to be knighted by Mrs. H.

 After the festival, the kids had a little talent show.  Clayton played "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" on the piano. 
 Before the children were dismissed to eat, they said their table blessing in Latin.  Sweet kids.
They all looked so relieved when their speaking parts were over.  Bless their hearts - they were so nervous!

 Two authentic knights  ;)

 They played several games after their snack, one of which was tug of war.  The boys wanted to play boys against the girls (they have 6 boys and 4 girls in their class).  Obviously, it wasn't a fair match up.  Amazingly, the girls won - with a little bit of help from my nonchalant husband.  ;)

The kids decorated a framed class picture as their craft.
It was a super fun festival day for my Clayton.  He had worked so hard learning his lines and practicing his public speaking techniques.  It all paid off!  We were so proud of him!