Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mini Family Staycation - 1/30-1/31

January was a doozy of a month for our family!  Between putting Sydney Girl to sleep, Drew having surgery, and Clayton having a TON of schoolwork - I felt like I was constantly putting out fires.  Whew - I was glad to see January 2014 come to a close! 

As much as we eagerly anticipated flipping the calendar to February, we knew that Wade would be spending the first week of February in Dubai.  International trips are always really hard on our family.  So... my sweet Hubby decided to plan a fun little overnight staycation to celebrate the fact that we survived January and to fill up our "Daddy tank" before we had to be without him for 8 days.  I am so glad that he recognizes how much we all need these times together as a family.

We started our adventure at Dave & Busters in Arlington.  Here's a little known fact about my hubby: he has an uncanny ability to win at the Claw Game.  As in, if there was a Claw Game category in the Olympics, my husband would win the gold every single time guaranteed.  He almost never ends up empty handed.  Well, it appears that Drew got his Daddy's Claw DNA!  He played the claw game all by himself - he moved the joystick without any guidance and pushed the button when he was ready.  He hit the Claw jackpot and wound up with FOUR toys in that one try.  Ha!

The Claw Game gene lives on!
 C was having a lucky day too!  He won 100 tickets at Deal or No Deal.  He was pretty proud!

After Dave & Busters, we took the boys to a fancy dinner at a steak house.  They were so good during our leisurely dinner!  The lady at the table next to us even stopped us to compliment their behavior.  She said that, at first, she thought to herself, "Who would take three small children to a nice steak house?"  Ha!  She went on to say that she was pleasantly surprised by the boys' manners and behavior.  I was so proud of our little men!  Don't get me wrong, they can still act like maniacs and embarrass the snot out of me at times, but when they are on their best behavior, they are such a pleasure to be around.  I'm so glad that they are at the point where we can eat out and it is enjoyable!
Wade had rented us a hotel room for the night at the Embassy Suites in downtown Fort Worth.  The boys LOVED getting to swim in the indoor pool!
 These two snuggled up while they were drying off.  It was a Kodak moment.  ;)
When we got back to the room, Clayton went missing.  Before too long, I found him in the "wardrobe" trying to find Narnia.  Oh, he makes me laugh!
We woke up on Friday morning and headed to the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo.  The Carpenter fellas looked so cute in their western wear.  Thanks, Kimi & Joe, for the pearl snap shirts.  So fun!

Our first stop was the petting zoo.  The boys were in heaven feeding the animals!

There was a class of Special Education kiddos that were in the petting zoo at the same time that we were.  At one point, I turned around and Clayton was giving his ice cream cone of food to a visually impaired little boy so that he could feed the animals too.  I love C's sensitive heart for others.

 Poor goat - I bet that this isn't his first head lock from a 2 year old.  ;)
 Crazy cowboy!
The boys loved the Children's Barnyard again this year.  The baby chicks are always a hit!
All of my boys (including the one that is over 30) love seeing the horses.  I have a grand vision that one day we may live on land with room for these boys to roam and maybe have a horse or two.  That's not exactly practical, but it sure would be fun!

 This little mess of sugar...  I'm so glad he's mine.  Having a third baby is one of the best decisions that Wade & I have ever made.  :)
 After lunch, we headed to the arena to watch the rodeo.  We were the first ones there - so excited!

 My O was tuckered out and took a snooze for the last hour of the rodeo.
We headed back home after the rodeo.  We had such a fun family time!  Thanks to my Hubby for planning a great adventure!