Saturday, September 29, 2012

TobyMac Attack

I have bought a few TobyMac songs on iTunes over the last couple of years, and they are always a hit with the boys.  One day in August while we were at Lifeway, Clayton noticed a sign advertising a TobyMac CD signing on August 31st.  He was sooo excited!  He begged and pleaded for us to take him.  He doesn't have any schoolwork on Fridays, so his Daddy was kind enough to take the afternoon off and take him to the signing. 

They got there early to get their numbers (only the first 300 people were guaranteed signatures) and buy the newest CD.  Then they waited in line for a sweet forever in the blazing heat to meet TobyMac in person.  Clayton was thrilled when it was finally their turn...

Clayton has treasured his signed CD case and listened to the CD on repeat literally hundreds of times.  It is pretty adorable to watch him so enthralled with music.  It reminds me of my Amy Grant days...  :)  He has gotten his little brother hooked, too.  Drew knows almost all of the words to most of the songs!  There is a song called "Mac Daddy" that TobyMac's son sings about wanting a MacBook.  I laugh every time that Drew sings it with his little lisp.  I have tried several times to get it on video, but my little blond boy clams up whenever he knows that the camera is rolling.  You'll just have to take my word for it - it is stinkin' cute.  :)

After listening to the CD nonstop for well over a month, I have to say that I still really like it, too!  Most of the lyrics have a solid Christian message (a couple of the songs are just silly, fun songs) and the music is really fun.  We are all big TobyMac fans now - including myself.  He is coming to perform a concert in our area on October 4th.  Clayton has his fingers crossed that we will get to go.  Maybe, just maybe...  ;)