Saturday, September 29, 2012

Meet the Teacher - Preschool Edition

My sweet Drew started preschool this month!  I can hardly believe that my baby boy has crossed this milestone off of the list...

Drew is going to the same preschool that Clayton went to when he was 3 and 4, and I love, love, LOVE that little school.  It is just the sweetest place.  There is something so comforting about walking down those familiar halls and seeing familiar smiling faces.  I am so glad for our family to be back there.  I know that Drew will have a wonderful experience!

We had Meet The Teacher on September 6th and it went so well!  The kids stayed in their classroom while the parents went to a meeting for about an hour in the sanctuary.  Drew's teachers were so warm and friendly!  I really do think they will be perfect for Drew - so kind and nurturing.  :)

Since it was a homeschool day, Clayton was with me.  He was such a sweet big brother - leading Drew around and showing him the classroom.  At one point, he walked Clayton up to a little girl and said, "This is my brother Drew.  He's kind of shy.  Do you want to be his friend?"  It was pretty precious to see him being his little brother's protector.  I hope that they will always be good buddies.
Drew is in the Ducks class this year - the oldest 3s. 
He made this picture while we were in the sanctuary at the parent meeting.  He told me that his teachers told them "not to scribble scrabble."  Ha!  Looks like we need to work on coloring inside the lines...
Clayton walked Drew to the Chapel classroom to introduce him to Mrs. Jennifer.  She showed Drew the schedule and told him that he would come to chapel with the Frog class.
Clayton got to go up to the Lions classroom to see his 4 year old teacher, Mrs. Deidre!  She was so sweet to hug on Clayton and tell him how much she has missed him.  She is such a sweetheart!  I already have my fingers crossed that Drew will get to have her next year.  :)
Clayton with Mrs. Deirdre when he was in her class.  I can't believe how tiny he was!  Feels like that was just yesterday...
I couldn't have picked better teachers for my Drew's first year of preschool!  Mrs. Shanna and Mrs. Christi seem like a perfect fit!