Thursday, September 13, 2012

Children's Museum Field Trip - 8/30

On Thursday, August 30th, Leah and I took our crew on a "field trip" to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.  We haven't been since our passes expired in February of 2011, so we were due a visit.  My kids LOVE it there!

We spent a solid 3 hours there and still didn't see it all.  I have a feeling we may be going back quite a bit this year.  The Grossology and Risk exhibits were ending the weekend after our visit, so I was glad that we went in time to see those.  Grossology was, well, gross.  It taught about the biology behind belching, flatulence, vomiting, snot, boogers, and poop.  Oh my...  That's all I'll say about that.  ;)

The Risk exhibit was a little over our kids' heads.  It was about the human drive to take risks - risky professions, risk taking behaviors, etc.  We went through that one pretty quickly.  The "bed of nails" at the end was the hit of the day with my crew.  They thought it was way cool!

We started out in the middle rooms with exhibits that change frequently.  The centrifugal force spinner was fun for my big boys.

Owen just chilled in his stroller taking it all in.  He never cried to get out until the very, very end.  Three hours straight strapped into his stroller - he's the most awesome baby ever.  I'm pretty sure that I am going to owe him a pony at some point for being so good to his Mama.  Ha!
 Drew really liked the room that focused on light.  The giant light bright, in particular, was super fun for him.
They had this cool giant kaleidoscope, too.  It made for some fun pictures...

Leah and I had to take advantage of the opportunity to clone ourselves.  Ha!  If only we really could make that many carbon copies of ourselves...
Love my hula hoop boy with his tongue sticking out in concentration.  ;)

They had a table with poop from various animals.  This was where the day made a drastic turn to the gross side...

Grossology was next on the agenda...

They took turns pumping gas into this guy's stomach and hearing him burp.  Lovely.
Drew thought that the machine that made tooting noises was hilarious.
They shot boogers into the giant nose...
They played in the digestive system - climb in through the mouth, slide down the esophagus, play in the stomach, and then crawl through the intestines and come out the, well, you know...
Right after I took this picture, Clayton said, "Wait...  I'm the poop?!?!"  He was repulsed, but wanted to go again.  Ha!
I couldn't get too close to the zits, blisters, and scabs climbing wall.  I was totally ooged out by that point!
Sweet baby...  Still chillin' in his stroller.  Bless him.
On to the bed of nails...  You laid on plexi glass and then, with the push of a button, the plexiglass lowered and you were left on the bed of nails.  Clayton was, of course, the first one to try it out!
Maggie and Drew were completely freaked out and adamantly refused to lay down.  But...  Sweet Sadie Bug was willing to take a turn!  Brave little thing!
After seeing tiny little Sadie be a brave sport, Maggie and Drew decided to give it a go!
It was legit, y'all...

The grand finale of the day was a contraption that simulated a tornado with winds up to 73 mph. 
Drew, Maggie, and Sadie bailed with the gusts got up to 25 mph.  Clay-boy was the last man standing!
We had such a fun day with the Hunt girls!  The museum does such a good job of making learning fun.  I have a feeling that we will go back again and again.  Maybe next time we will make it to the toddler area and Owen will actually get out of the stroller!  ;)


Melissa said...

So fun! I need to take Aubrey there. She would LOVE it! :)