Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Conversations with Clayton - Sea World Edition

First of all, thanks for all of your encouragement about this coming school year. I went to Parent Orientation this morning, and it gave me even more of a peace about our decision. I met Clayton's teacher, and she seems wonderful. I can't wait for Clayton to meet her on Friday. :)

Clayton made a few comments on vacation that cracked us up! I wanted to "jot them down" before I forgot them.

  • We had been in the car for several hours and were almost to San Antonio. Clayton asked (very casually, mind you - as if what he was asking was totally legitimate), "Dad, can I drive? Just for 5 minutes?" Ha! He's driven his Grammy's golf cart, so he is totally prepared to go 70 mph on the highway, right???
  • During the Zoomagination show at the hotel, the gentleman brought the blue tongued skink to me and asked if I would like to touch it. Clayton stopped him and said, "My Mom is so not into wild animals." He is exactly right - wild animals are not my thing! ;)
  • Wade and I were discussing our plans for the day and there was a lull in our conversation. Clayton started doing air quotes and said, "Awkward..." Wade & I were dying laughing just thinking about how long he has been waiting for the right time to use that phrase. He tries so hard to be big sometimes. :)
I am sure that Kindergarten will bring a whole slew of new Clayton-isms. :)