Tuesday, August 03, 2010


UPDATE: Our AC is fixed! A sweet man from our church (who owns his own AC repair company) came to our house last night at 6:00 (bless his heart!) and replaced the capacitor. We are back in business with cool air. As a bonus, it was not that expensive of a repair. Hallelujah!

It was 106 degrees yesterday.

This heat is bananas.

Sounds like a great time for our air conditioner to go out, right?


Hope y'all are staying cool!

P.S. AC guy is coming this afternoon. Say a little prayer that it is an easy {and cheap!} fix. :)


...traci : ) said...

us too, sarah!!! we're going on 3 weeks now. we came home one evening to a big drip in the vent shaft, went upstairs and found a corner of the house completely soaked (like running down the wall, through carpet and dripping onto the first floor...yikes!). had one a/c guy come out 3 times, but have now gone with a different company. he's coming tmr (his 2nd time) and here's hoping he can get us all set. thankfully, thankfully we have the extra unit upstairs so we just moved to the guest room for these 3 weeks. a guest in my own home. lovely! i keep telling cj,'no worries. africa got me ready for this.' : ) hope yours gets fixed soon!

Matt & Cindy Fleharty said...

Awesome. Sorry, chica! Hope you and Traci both get cool soon. Not that you're not already cool....

Mrs. H said...

Ice cubes on the heads of all 4 of my babies. "Swim" in the bath tube. How about leaving the freezer door opemn? Crazy ideas, huh?