Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Carpenter Version of Twitter

My Hubs isn't a big fan of social networking sites. Something about them being the downfall of one on one communication, kids these days not learning proper grammar and spelling, so on and so forth...

So, we don't Facebook or Twitter (Tweet?) at the Carpenter household. However, we do text and I blog. I think that is a happy medium, right?

We had a funny text conversation the other day that I thought that I would share. This is the Carpenter version of Twitter, I guess. Ha!

Wade was having dinner with a customer and I sent him this picture:

Followed by the following text exchange:

Me: He's fine. Yes, that's blood. Bit his lip while wrestling with Clayton. Lord, have mercy!
Wade: Yikes!!!!!!!!!!
Me: I don't know what's worse: a) that profuse bleeding doesn't cause me to panic any more b) that I took a picture before wiping off the blood c) that he stopped crying to say "cheese" for the picture.
Wade: I choose d) all of the above. Is he okay?
Me: Yes, he's fine. Minimal tears. He'll live to wrestle another day. ;-)

If I was on Twitter, and if you followed me, that is the type of thing that you would be subjected to. Therefore, I don't tweet.

You're welcome. :-)


Mrs. H said...

Are you still hot - I mean temperature of course. ;-)

You have come a long way; I guess that comes with having boys. Glad he is ok.

Matt & Cindy Fleharty said...

Definitely glad you blog, so I'll count my blessings, but it would be so fun if you were posting that stuff on FB too! HA

Mrs. H said...

Happy Birthday

Leslie said...