Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's Raining, It's Pouring... The Rednecks are Roaring :)

From the outside, Wade looks like a clean-cut businessman type. He wears polo shirts and plays golf... However, under the collar of his polo shirts, my Hubs is hiding his redneck side. Ha ha!

Wade started liking racing when we were in high school and I was sure that it was just a phase. Well, that "phase" is still going strong. ;) He LOVES to go out to Texas Motor Speedway to watch the races. Clayton has been begging to go since he was 2. Wade would put him off by saying, "I'll take you when you're 5." This was finally Clayton's year!

Wade bought Clayton tickets to the Saturday race for his birthday. He was soooo excited! Unfortunately, they spent hours out at the track only for the race to get canceled. They were both bummed, but they were ready to return on Sunday night for the rescheduled race.

While they waited on Saturday, Clayton did a race simulator and saw the big trophy.

Is that the look of determination or what?!?!

The rain continued all day on Sunday, as well. So, the race was rescheduled {again} for Monday. The continued rain delays didn't keep my two favorite rednecks away!

5 year old photog skills...

They had a ball together, and came home thrilled to tell me all about it. Clayton was most excited about the fact that he got to drink 2 real Cokes (What was Wade thinking???) and that the cars were really loud. He was cracking me up naming off all of the drivers and their car numbers. We are raising our little redneck right, for sure!

Funny Story: Wade was getting Clayton into the bath after the race, and he said, "Come on Son, we've gotta wash that redneck off." Clayton ran to the mirror and craned his head to see the back of his neck. He said in a horrified voice, "What's on my neck???" So literal...


Holly said...

It's so nice they can share this interest! Clayton will have such happy memories of these times together. Two Cokes?! Clayton always seems like he's just finished a Coke so I can't imagine him with two! :)

I hope you and Drew enjoyed your special time together, too!

Leah said...

That is our boy....NASCAR...all the way! Todd & I are soooo proud. Can't wait to talk "shop" with him about the point standings, the new rear car spoiler and the big crash in turn 4, on lap 17! Just kidding.

Hahahahaha! By the way, we may need to get that boy a new hat...#9 is sooooo 2 seasons ago. #48 Rocks!

What a great daddy/son day together! Great memories that I know will last a lifetime!

Thanks for sharing.

Matt & Cindy Fleharty said...

Sooo cute!!