Saturday, April 17, 2010

Guy Day...

This was our conversation on Thursday evening over dinner:

Wade (to Clayton): Hey, Buddy, do you want to go fishing at the pond tomorrow after I finish with work?
Clayton: You mean, like, have a guy day?
Wade: Um, yeah, I guess you could call it that.
Clayton: Good, 'cause I am soo into being a man.

Wade & I are both trying to contain our laughter, at this point.

Wade: Well, that's a good thing. I'm glad that you want to be a man.
Clayton: Yeah, 'cause if I was a woman, I'd have to wear a dress and I couldn't hang upside down on the monkey bars. (Apparently, he figured out that concept from a Fancy Nancy book that one of the little girls in his class brought to preschool???)

Yep, he's all boy. No doubt about that one.

The next day, they had "guy day." Clayton caught a pretty decent sized bass, and out fished his Daddy. He was pretty proud of his catch. ;)


Matt & Cindy Fleharty said...

That boy cracks me up!!

halie said...

Hahaha...he's funny like his mama! :)

Mrs. H said...

It may be my old eyes, but Clayton seems so much taller. His quick wit is a joy. Try to keep up with him!

Doug and Kelli said...

I'm so glad you document those little "conversation with Clayton". They are priceless!!!

Angie said...

He is too funny!! he he!! And we know that Fancy Nancy book is the Pajama Day one just in case you wanted to read it!! hehe!!