Friday, April 23, 2010

Drew's 18 month post

It's Drew's Half Birthday! ;) He is officially 18 months old...
Dear Drew,

* We went to your well check up today. You weighed 28 lbs. 9 oz. (75-90%). You were 34 inches long (75-90%). Your head circumference was 47.5 cm (25-50%).

* You wear size 4 diapers, 24 mth - 2T clothes, and a size 8XW (extra wide!) shoe. I can't get over what a big strong boy you are!

* You have your same 8 teeth that you have had for months now, but your molars are almost completely broken through the gums. Those teeth look so BIG in your little mouth. They have taken a sweet forever to come in! I wrote on the calendar that I saw the first little peak of the right one on March 25th. That means that you have been cutting those teeth for almost a month. I'll be so glad when they are all the way through the gums...

* Your vocabulary is getting much better, and I feel like you are so close to that "language explosion" when it all finally clicks. You say, "Boo", "La Lou" (Love You), "Ma-meeee" (Mommy), "Dah-deee" (Daddy), "Bubba" (Brother), "Go", "Car", "Puppy", "Ca-cker" (Cracker), "Uh-oh", "Mel-mo" (Elmo), and more that I can't remember at the moment...

* You still face backwards in your carseat. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends facing backwards until age 2. It's a new recommendation - that wasn't the case when your brother was a baby. We turned him to face forward at his first birthday and never thought twice about it. But.... your Mama is a rule follower. So, I haven't flipped you, even though I sure would like to see your sweet face when I am driving.

There are some perks to you facing backwards, though. When I open the tailgate, you look at me and say, "Boo!" It's the cutest thing!

Also, we opted for bucket seats in the second row, and they recline. So, I reclined the seat and you can stretch your legs out. You're much happier that way. :)

* You LOVE books! You are quick to bring me book after book and plop down in my lap to read. I can't say no to that...

* You still take 2 two hour naps most days. I can usually stretch you to only take 1 nap if we are busy in the morning, but you function better with 2. I'm sure that you will transition to 1 nap soon.

* You are definitely becoming more and more independent. You are no longer content to sit in the stroller when we are at the park - you want to get out and explore! Also, the frequent snuggles that I used to enjoy so much are becoming few and far between.

* We still rock before every nap and before bed at night. I just sing a few more stanzas of "You Are My Sunshine" to prolong my snuggle time, now. :)

* Never fear, I willingly share some of your snuggles with Daddy. :)

(Random Sidenote: Does anyone else hear the sound of their own voice on video and cringe??? That sing songy voice that I do is really annoying. Like fingernails on the chalkboard annoying. Someone tell me that isn't how I sound in real life...)

You are so much fun right now, my Drew! I love learning more and more about your little personality everyday. You bring me so, so much joy! When you say, "La Lou" (Love You), or pat my shoulder as we walk, or run to give me a big hug out of nowhere it melts my heart. You said "La Lou" totally unprompted the other day, and it was one of the sweetest moments that you and I have ever shared. I still see you as a baby (and probably always will), but I love the way that you are changing. You mean the world to me, Baby Boy, and I hope that you never forget that!


Holly said...

Oh my goodness! I loooove that first picture of Drew in the bluebonnets. What a precious little guy!

I have really enjoyed watching him grow and change in the last year and I'm so thankful for his life and the health he's been blessed with. :)

Hugs and kisses to Drew! xo

Hannah said...

Oh my stars, Sarah! Could he be any cuter? Seriously! What a darling little boy you have. And your voice wasn't annoying a bit to me. But I totally know what you mean!

Mrs. H said...

Drew Boy,
Gran loves you. It is so much fun to watch you grow. You are a man of few words; a man who must be listen to because every word is a glimpse of who you are. I long to see you soon.
I love you.

halie said...

18 months?! Wow!! Drew is precious and I loved hearing him say those words! It was the cutest when he would shake his head that he wasn't going to say a word. Silly boy!

Brent and Abbey said...

I hope there are more bluebonnet pics???... what a smile that sweety has!

Keep snuggling with your Momma, Drew... she is putty in your hands when you do!