Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tiny Tots and Tunes

This semester Clayton and I have been going to a music class at one of the local churches in our area. Clayton loves it! Miss Holly is a wonderful teacher, and she is so good with the kids. They got to play instruments and sing all kinds of cute songs. Claytons favorites were "Bell Horses" (because he got to shake the bells), "Ring Around the Roses" (because he got to play with the parachute), and "The Speckled Frog" song.

On the first day of music we sang a song about Jesus being a carpenter. The kids got to use the wooden sticks and pretend that they were hammering a nail. In the middle of the song Clayton raised his hand and said, "Miss Holly! Miss Holly! I am a carpenter, too!" She said, "I know Clayton, you are hammering so well." I had to clarify that he was referring to his last name. :) The rest of the moms got a good laugh out of that one.

Today was the last day of class for the semester, so I took some pictures. We are really going to miss Tiny Tots & Tunes. It has been a fun thing for us to do together on Tuesday mornings.

After "we all fall down".......... Clayton's favorite - the parachute

Hugging Miss Holly


Brad and Emily said...

What a fun idea! It looks like Clayton was having a great time!! Is there a program she followed or did she just create it herself? When AC gets older, I may be interested in doing something like that at our church...hmmm...

Sharg said...

awww I love Clayton! And you can tell him that the parachute was my favorite too! We used to do it in PE at school. Miss you guys!!