Thursday, September 27, 2007

Clayton's Friend Paca...

So, yesterday I picked Clayton up from Mother's Day Out and we were talking about his day in the car on the way home. I was naming off the kids in his class and asking him about each child. I would say, "Do you have an Emma in your class?" "Do you have a Lexi in your class?" etc... After discussing a few friends, Clayton said, "Mommy, you forgot about Paca (pronounced PAH-CA - say it out loud to yourself)." I racked my brain to figure out which child he was talking about. I thought maybe there was a child that went by Paco... then I thought maybe he was just confused. He was very emphatic about this child named Paca. He said it over and over. Finally, it came to me. He was referring to Parker. I guess that with Miss Yvonne's British accent it sounds like Pah-Ca. :) I laughed so hard that I was crying when I finally figured out the mystery. I am hoping that Clayton will pick up a British accent with more words. I just love the way it sounds!


Kelli Sanders said...

I found myself saying it over and over!!! I hope I can learn a British accent through Clayton!