Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Owen's 5th Birthday

Our Owie O turned 5 years old on May 7th!  He is such a sweet (sometimes spicy), precious little Love!

Height:  44.5 inches
Weight:  38.5 pounds
Clothing size: Size 5
Shoe Size:  11
Number of Teeth: 20
*  He whistles all the time - doesn't even realize that he is doing it.
*  He is doing some early reading and is getting good at sounding out words.  He has a sight word ring with about 25 words on it from preschool that he has learned.
*  He asks to play baseball approximately 478 times a day.  He holds the glove up to his face when he pitches and it is pretty much the cutest thing!
*  He LOVES to dance and will bust a move any chance that he gets.
*  He isn't the slightest bit shy and will talk to anyone.
*  He says that I'm his "favorite girl."  ;)
*  He knows all of his letters (he sometimes mixes up b & d and p & q) and sounds.
*  He draws all of the time & has really good handwriting!

My Dearest Owen,

Oh my little Love...  I am so very crazy about you!  You will ALWAYS be my baby even when you are old and grey.  I have really enjoyed our Mondays together this year while the big boys are at school.  I'm going to miss having you as my little sidekick next year!  We will have to be sure to carve out plenty of time for Mommy & Owen dates, okay?  ;)

I can't believe that you are going to Kindergarten next year!  I tried to convince everyone that you needed another year at home, but no one was buying it.  Your preschool teachers, multiple family members & friends, and your Daddy are all convinced that you are ready.  I gave it one last ditch effort by asking the founder of our school (with a PhD in Education).  She had just done your Kindergarten assessment, so I asked her for some reassurance.  Her exact words were, "Owen?!?  Are you asking if Owen is ready???  Oh yeah!  He is going to do great!"  In my heart, I know that you will, but I sure would have loved a bonus year with you.  ;)  You are ready to soar, my baby bird, and soar you will!

You are so funny, O!  A few weeks ago, you came home from preschool and said, "Mommy, today at preschool the girlies were cray cray!  I had to hang with my bros at recess!"  Haha!  You definitely have older siblings with that kind of lingo!  You have great comedic timing and know when you are being funny.  You are such a ham!

I told you that I would pay you to stay 4.  You said, "If you will pay me 5 pieces of buck, I will stay 4!"  Haha!  We can't stop time, though, can we?  You turned 5 despite my pleas.  I remember when you were 6 months old, and one year old, and 2 years old, and 3 years old...  I thought the same thing at all of those ages.  What if you had actually stayed that old???  I would have missed out on so much!  You must grow - that is the way that God intended for it to be!  The best is yet to come, right?  I'll be holding your hand the whole way!  I love you, Sugar Bear!

I love you to the moon & back!