Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Katherine's Wedding - May 7, 2016

My cousin Katherine married her groom, Patrick, on May 7th.  Their wedding was so much fun, and we are thrilled for their new marriage!

 My cousin, Jason, and his family came to the wedding.  It was so fun for the boys to see their 2nd cousins!
 Trey & Jason always say that Jason's daughter, Taylor, looks like me.  She's a beauty, so I take that as a huge compliment!  I guess that I kind of see the resemblance, although she is much prettier than I.
 They had a caricature artist - so fun!

 Our family portrait!  The boys look spot on, in my opinion.  
Wade looks like a president and I look Asian.  Ha!

 Katherine is so fun!  She was sweet to dance with Clayton.  Loved watching them!

 The wedding fell on Owen's birthday, of course.  The DJ was so kind to bring Owen up in his booth.  He had the whole room sing Happy Birthday and then he got to push the button to start the music back up.  So fun!
 Of course the Carpenter kids did their signature wedding move - the worm!
 I love Katherine's face here!  She was cracking up at my crazies!
We wish Katherine & Patrick the very best in the future!  May God bless & keep them!