Saturday, October 25, 2014

Drew's 6th Birthday - October 23, 2014

My sweet Drew Boy turned SIX on October 23rd!  I know that I sound like a broken record, but birthdays sure do seem to come faster than they should around here!  It seems like he turned 5 just yesterday.  Why must time pass so quickly???

Drew's birthday fell on a Thursday this year.  I was super bummed that he would have to go to school on his birthday.  Drew's little teacher makes a big deal about birthdays, though.  Drew knew that he would get to wear the birthday sticker, get a birthday pencil, and birthday bookmark.  What could be better when you are a Kindergartner?  Add in the fact that it was spirit shirt day (students could wear their spirit shirt instead of a polo) and crazy sock day, and my boy was thrilled to celebrate his b-day at school.  ;)

Wade and I brought Drew his lunch of choice (Subway) to school.
 His older brother and faux older sister both joined us.
At 2:30, I brought a cookie cake to school for Drew to enjoy with his buddies.
 They sang Happy Birthday, and D grinned from ear to ear.   Cute boy!

That evening, we let Drew choose dinner.  He picked PeiWei, and he got the most accurate fortune that I have ever seen.  ;)
For dessert, he had requested a pumpkin pie, which his Daddy happily made him.

We had a fun-filled day celebrating our brand new 6 year old!  We love you, Drew Boo!  :)