Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Clayton's Allergist Appt - October 13, 2014

Our Clayton has always been an allergy kid.  He was on Singulair and Zyrtec starting at age 2.  He seems to have inherited his Daddy's allergies/sinus issues.  :(  After being diagnosed with yet another sinus infection, our pediatrician sent him to an allergist.  I figured that they would schedule an allergy skin test and send us on our merry way.  The appointment ended up being much more in depth than I had imagined.

They did a CT scan to explore some tissue that looked like nasal polyps.  Thankfully, there were no polyps.  There was lots of remaining infection and inflamed mucosal lining. 

 They were studying the skeletal system in Science, so Dr. F. was kind enough to print off a copy of C's images to take to school.  :)

 Dr. F. was able to do C's skin test that same day as well.  We were at the office for a sweet forever, but it was nice to knock everything out at once.

Poor Clayton reacted to pretty much everything.  Poor guy...  He's allergic to almost all trees and grasses.  Dr. F showed me a graph that would target when his worst times of the year should be.  It turns out that "worst time of the year" is all year long.  Lovely.
We left the office with a stronger antibiotic to knock out his current sinus infection, a new allergy med, and an appointment to come back in January.  Good times.  I'm hoping that my boy can get some relief on this new regimen.