Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Spring Pictures - 4/7/15

After Owen and I had such a fun time at the Grapevine Botanical Gardens, I decided that I'd like to go back with all of the boys and snap a few Spring pictures.  There wasn't ever a great time to go, and I knew that we were on borrowed time with the tulips.  So... I made the last minute decision to swing by there on the way home from school on April 7th.  I literally grabbed polos as I was waking Owen up to walk out the door for pick up.

I had woken Owen up from his nap and the boys were tired after a long day at school... Awesome!
We were going at 3:30 when the sun is the brightest and good lighting is hard to come by... Awesome!
The gardeners were literally pulling up the tulips as we arrived... Awesome!
I forgot Owen's shoes... Awesome!

We were off to a good start.  Ha!

The boys were actually super sweet about posing for pictures, even though it isn't their favorite thing to do.  They know that I love pictures of my handsome fellas, so they did it for me.  We didn't get any exceptional shots, but I was proud of them for being so compliant.  I even spotted a bluebonnet patch on the way home (they were super sparse this year!) and casually mentioned that it sure would be nice to stop and grab a few more photos...  They mustered all of their strength and smiled for a few more.  They are so good to their Mama!  :)

 Clayton chose this pose all by himself.  Love that kid!  ;)

 Had to capture Drew's gappy grin  :)

 I let them play at the playground next to the Gardens as a reward for having such good attitudes.