Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Operation Big Boy - March 2014

My baby boy sure did do a lot of growing up in March!  He went from sleeping with a pacifier in a crib while wearing a diaper, to being paci free in a toddler bed wearing underwear.  So proud of him!

I knew that my goal was to potty train my littlest fella over Spring Break.  I also knew that he didn't need his pacifier (aka "Bap" or "Bappy") anymore and he was ready for a toddler bed.  So...  I resisted the selfish urge to keep him a baby forever in favor of helping him transition into being a big boy.  It was hard on my Mama heart, but he did so well with each transition!  He was so ready for all of those milestones!

I was anxious about getting rid of his "bappy."  He only used it to sleep, but he LOVED it.  I just knew that he would never sleep again without it.  It turns out that I made it into a much bigger deal than it was.  Ha!  My bestie had the idea to let him have a sleepover in the big boys room, but only if he didn't bring his paci.  Big boys don't have pacis...  It worked like a charm.  On March 1st, he slept with no pacifier and did great!

We decided to take his crib apart on March 2nd.  Owie helped his Daddy dismantle his baby bed.

We set up his toddler bed, and Homeboy was over the moon happy.  Seeing him so happy was good for my heart.  I was excited because he was excited.  :)

I was thrilled with our progress, but dreading the next step in Operation Big Boy.  Potty training.  Ugh - I despise potty training!  It is the bane of my existence.  The only thing that makes it worthwhile is knowing that you will have a kid out of diapers by the end.  I have to keep my eye on the prize, or potty training totally beats me down.

On March 10th, I put on my big girl panties and put Owen in underwear.  Haha!  He did sooooo well!!!  I still hated every minute of the process, but I'm thrilled with the results.  Owen was my best potty trainer, and I couldn't be prouder of him.  Still, the first three days almost killed me - 5 accidents the first day, 3 the second, and 2 the third.  We stayed home non-stop, and I was on high alert every waking hour.  Even though he did well, I still had a few emotional breakdowns.  Ha!  There may have been a point when I cried to Wade about how everyone else was enjoying their Spring Break vacations while I was cleaning urine and poop off of my floors over and over again (thank goodness for hardwoods!!!).  ;)

By the end of the week, Owen was in underwear full time and the accidents were few and far between.  I still cannot believe that I haven't changed a diaper since February!  It is a pretty awesome feeling to have all of my kids potty trained.  There is this new sense of freedom that I am loving.  And, the best part... no swim diapers this Summer!  Yeeesssss!!!!
  This was my arsenal.  LOTS of "underwears" (Owen always makes it plural - so cute!), marshmallows, fruit snacks, and his Leap Pad.  The necessities.  ;)

As an unplanned part of Operation Big Boy, Owen had a true teeth cleaning for the first time on March 7th.  Typically, they do "happy visits" (where they just brush their teeth with a regular toothbrush) until they are 3.  I took all of the boys to the dentist on the 7th, expecting a "happy visit" for O.  The dentist decided that "he was being so cooperative" that he was ready for a true cleaning even though he wouldn't be 3 for two more months.  He did awesome!  I was so proud of my Owen!

So, there ya go - Owen is a full blown big boy now.  Operation complete.  While these were big milestones for him, I actually learned a major life lesson through the process.  I've always known that I am a baby person.  I am drawn to infants like moths to a flame.  I can't get enough of babies!  For the last 9 years, I thought that life would, very possibly, be terrible when I no longer had a baby of my own to care for.

But... it turns out that I am a big kid person too!   Life only gets better when everyone is out of diapers.  Who knew???  ;)  We can get up and go without fooling with diapers, wipes, pack 'n plays, swim diapers, extra pacis, etc.  It is so much easier!  I am really enjoying this new stage of motherhood!  I still get to love on other people's babies, but I have the freedom of having big kids.  The best of both worlds...  :)