Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Birthday

As a kid, I hated having an August birthday.  I didn't get to do all of the fun stuff that they do at school to celebrate your birthday, my friends were always hit-or-miss for a party due to vacations and camps, and birthday parties were tough to plan because it was always hotter than the surface of the sun outside.  Luckily, I loved a good pool party, so that was my theme for many years.  :)

Well, somethings never change, because I chose to celebrate my birthday this year with a pool party of sorts.  So fun!  As an adult, I love having a summer birthday!  My kids are out of school, we have no agenda, and there are tons of fun things to do.  I am so grateful for my August birthday now.

This year, the day started with breakfast in bed from these two cutie pies.  They make some mean cheese toast, let me tell you.  ;)

After breakfast, we headed to Hawaiian Falls!  My sweet Hubs took the day off and treated us all to a day at the waterpark.  We had so much fun!  I can definitely see us splurging on season passes next year.  The boys had a blast!

There were water slides of all shapes and sizes.  Wade and I took turns going with the big boys while the other would hang back with Owen.  There was plenty to do for kids of all ages.
 After lunch, this sweet little curly haired boy fell asleep while we were floating in the wave pool.
Those chubby cheeks and long eyelashes...  I could stare at his sweet face all day long.  We shifted to a lounge chair and snuggled for almost two hours.  Such a great birthday gift from my Baby O!
 He woke up happy, happy, happy.  Yay!
 Sun-kissed cheeks and a full faced smile - sure signs of a fantastic day!
 My big boy...  Love that crazy kid.
We went home and got cleaned up just in time for our sweet sitter to come and watch the boys so that Wade and I could go to a fancy dinner.  Another major perk of my birthday is that it falls during DFW's restaurant week, where many restaurants offer a special menu at an excellent rate and then donate much of the proceeds to the food bank.  We got to have a five course dinner at Grace in Fort Worth for a fraction of what it normally would have cost.  It was positively divine and our waitress was a hoot!  Such a great date night...
Thank you to my Hubby for planning such a fun day for me!  It truly was one of my favorite birthdays ever!