Saturday, August 31, 2013

Meet the Teacher - Drew 2013

My sweet little Drew will be going to a new preschool this year.  We were sooooo sad to leave our old preschool.  We have so many fond memories of that place - not a single complaint.  It is a precious little school!  The only problem was that it is only a Tuesday/Thursday program and I really needed Drew to go to preschool on Monday/Wednesday.  It just makes more sense for our family.  So, we decided to make the switch.  I have heard WONDERFUL things about his new school from our friends that go there.  We know that this was the right decision and Drew will have a great experience.  :)

In the week leading up to Meet the Teacher, Drew kept saying, "I'm nervous" repeatedly.  He would say it at random times, not just when we were talking about school.  I could tell that it was weighing on his little heart.  He is my shy, cautious little fella, for sure.  I have learned that he needs a little nudge when it comes to new situations.  Once he gets used to things, he does great!  He just needs me to instill confidence in him before something new.  This is a whole new aspect of parenting for me that I didn't encounter with my eldest.  ;)  They are all so different - aren't we thankful for that???  The world would be so boring if we were all the same!

His new school combines Meet the Teacher with Popsicles on the Playground.  We chose to focus less on meeting his new teacher and more on the popsicle.  Ha!

He was all smiles for a few pics before we left.  Love this little cutie pie... 

 When I finished taking Drew's pictures, Owen said, "I pitcher!  I pitcher!"  Ha!  Such a little ham...
 He stuck his hands in his pockets all by himself.  He kills me...  Such a funny boy!
 Drew did great with drop off!  We assured him that we would be right down the hall and would be back in less than an hour.  I took 5 pictures at his desk and they all look exactly the same - nervous, forced smile.  He was super brave and didn't shed a tear, but I could tell that he was anxious.
 His teacher seems super fun!  She called to introduce herself to me, several days prior to Meet the Teacher, and to ask if there was anything I wanted her to know about Drew.  I thought that was so sweet!  She assured me that she was praying for my little guy and that she couldn't wait to meet him.  I think Mrs. Chay will be great with Drew.  So thankful that we got two amazing teachers this year!
 After Meet the Teacher, it was popsicle time!  No more nervous grin for this guy!  He was happy as a little lark.  Mrs. Chay gave them all bubbles that said, "I'm bubbling with excitement that you're in our class."  Such a kind gesture!
 Baby Brother got a popsicle too (and red, no less!).  So far, he's a big fan of preschool!  ;)
Drew's first day of school is Wednesday.  I'm praying that it goes better than the first day of school last year.  :-/  He has grown so much and is such a different kid.  I'm praying that works in our favor and all goes well.  I'd sure appreciate a few extra prayers on Wednesday morning for my little Bub!  :)