Thursday, July 11, 2013

Owen's First Haircut

Owen got his first haircut on June 30th.  It was the last of his "baby" milestones.  Sniff, sniff.  He was bald for soooo long - even in his pictures from Christmas he barely has any hair.  When he did get hair, he had the sweetest ringlets.  I just couldn't cut them.  But... as time went on, it got pretty scraggly and multiple strangers referred to him as "she" and "her."  ;)  So, I finally got up the nerve to call my hair stylist to ask if she would cut it.  She has been cutting my hair for 5 years and she has a baby boy that is 5 months older than Owen.  He has long hair, so I knew that she wouldn't whack all of his hair off.  :)

A few "before" pictures

Drew had been teaching him to say, "Goodbye, curls!"  Ugh - dagger in the heart of their Mama.  :(  They both thought it was hilarious to watch me fake cry when they said it.  Once we got to the salon, Owen wasn't laughing any more.  This is his "Hold the phone!  What's going on here?" look.  Ha!
 Ms. Kim let O sit in my lap while she cut his hair.

 A few of the pieces were really long!  This is the first snip...

 And the "after"...
Ms. Kim did such a good job of making it look less straggly, but kept some of the curls.  I was really happy with how she did it.  I am sure that the curls will get chopped at the next haircut, but I needed to ease into it.  I'm happy to get to hang on to my baby's curls for a bit longer.  :)