Tuesday, April 17, 2012

RA Campout 2012

Wade & Clayton participated in the RA camp out at Mineral Wells State Park last weekend. They had loads of fun!

I must start this post by saying that I have never, ever in my life been tent camping. My parents liked to RV camp, so we did A LOT of that as children. That was fun. There was a shower, a potty, air conditioning, fridge, stove, etc. However, I have never slept a night in my life in a tent. Nor do I really have the desire to do so...

For this camping experience, the entire family was invited to participate. I politely declined on account of having an 11 month old. ;) Wade and Clayton represented the Carpenters and they did a fine job!

Wade isn't a big camper either. Thankfully, the Brew Crew loaned us their gear and gave us a few pointers. The tent, sleeping bags, tarp, and Christmas lights tip were all courtesy of Abbey & Brent. Thanks, Brewers!

The boys both had a good time. Since returning home, there are lots of comments about the "next time we go camping," and talk of buying a kayak. Oh my... I am afraid that my boys are hooked. I have a feeling that I am destined to sleep under the stars at some point. I figure that I can play the baby card for a couple more years, right? ;)

Clayton with some of his fellow campers.
The Carpenter Campsite - Not too shabby!
(If only there was air conditioning and indoor plumbing...)
Sweet little s'mores face :)
They spent some time kayaking and hiked quite a bit, as well. This was right up my little explorer's alley. He may end up being an outdoorsy guy despite his Mama. Ha!

I was glad that my guys got to be one with nature for 24 hours. I hope that they got it out of their system for awhile... ;)


Melissa said...

How fun! I am with you...no camping trips for us when I was a kid. We did set up a tent in the backyard one summer, so I have spent the night in a tent. However, there was easy access to the house! ;) Interested to see what the future holds for you, Sarah! :)