Thursday, April 05, 2012

Disney World 2012 Day 5: Magic Kingdom

On Sunday, we got to go to the the Magic Kingdom again. We were excited to get in the gates now that we were "old pros." Ha! We had seen and done all of the big things that we had on our list, so this was our chance to do some of our favorites again. We also hit up some of the attractions that were not high priorities on our first visit.

Drew was very into watching the opening show and waving at the cast members. He must have waved a thousand times whiles we were in Florida. :)
First off, Wade ran to get fast passes to Space Mountain while I navigated the crowds with the stroller. We met up at the Buzz Lightyear ride, because we knew that we all wanted to ride it again. Unfortunately, my title of High Scorer in our family was taken away. Wade totally smoked me this go 'round. I'm sure that he secretly got on Tour Guide Mike's website to find out where all of the secret high point targets were. It was a conspiracy, for sure! ;)

After Buzz Lightyear, we went to the Tomorrowland Speedway. Both of the boys were able to drive with us in the passenger seat. I use the term "drive" loosely with Drew, because Wade pushed the gas pedal and steered. Oh well, he liked just sitting in the driver's seat. Clayton was very into his role as the driver. He would not take his eyes off of the road or talk to me while he was driving. He did pretty well, and I made sure to tell him what a good driver he was. :)

Next we went to the Monsters Inc. show. Then we went to use our Space Mountain fast passes. Clayton raved about how fun it was again, but insisted that Expedition Everest was even better. He has become quite the roller coaster connoisseur. ;)

After Space Mountain, we did the Carousel of Progress. I thought that the boys would despise it, but they actually kinda liked it. Clayton was singing, "There's a great big beautiful tomorrow..." just the other day.

Drew had spotted the PeopleMover on Friday and wanted to ride it. We put him off then, but conceded this time.

Then it was time for pictures with the castle and Mickey. We were at the castle around noon, which wasn't optimal for pictures. The boys were squinting into the sun, and Drew was particularly unhappy about it. Oh well... We were missing our tiniest little mister, so I knew that the pictures wouldn't be "perfect" without him in them. I just wanted a few quick shots to document our trip. I'm thinking of trying to photoshop Owen into these. Ha!

7 year old photography is pretty awesome. ;) He was determined to get the top of the castle in the shot, and he succeeded. Ha!

We went to meet Mickey at Town Square Theater. We waited for a few minutes, but the boys were excited to see Mickey again.

We went through the Haunted Mansion. Not my favorite... Then we went to Mickey's PhilharMagic 3D movie. It was very cute! Clayton and Drew loved all of the movies that were in 3D where you got sprayed with water and such.

We were all ready for naps, but decided to ride Pirates of the Caribbean one last time...
Then we had to bid adieu to the Magic Kingdom. The boys were sad, but we assured them that they would love Hollywood Studios the following day. There was more fun to be had - never fear! :)

We took naps at the hotel and then headed to the Boardwalk area for diner. It was a fun atmosphere, and we had an amazing meal at the Flying Fish Cafe. Yum!

After dinner, we watched some of the street performers before heading back to the hotel. Drew got picked to toss a hoop to one of the performers. He took his job very seriously and did exactly as he was told. ;)

We took the ferry back to our hotel and hit the hay. We all slept soooo good on this trip - we fell asleep before our heads hit the pillow. It's hard work having all that fun! ;)