Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pre-Valentines Festivities

Yesterday, Clayton had his Valentines party at school. It was darling, as usual. We made Valentines for his classmates, courtesy of Pinterest. ;) They turned out pretty cute!

We love Clayton's sweet teacher. She expects A LOT out of her students, but she has such a gentle spirit. She truly loves the kids and wants them to succeed. She is a great mix of being tough, but kind and patient. We are so grateful for her.

These are the Valentines that we made. I saw them HERE. I cut the mustache shapes out of adhesive felt and then attached them to the card with a glue dot. The kids could pull them off, remove the paper backing, and wear them. Clayton thought they were "awesome," and that is what counts. :)
Drew got to make a couple as well. Couldn't leave him out. ;)
He got to wear one of the practice mustaches. Ha!
We couldn't leave Baby Brother out of the fun. There is NOTHING funnier than a baby wearing a mustache. There just isn't. Ha!
He liked it on his pacifier, but wasn't a fan of having it stuck straight to his face.
Speaking of Baby Brother... I'm so thankful to have another little Valentine this year. I love him so...

Our annual Pink & Red dinner is tonight. Yum!


Matt and Cindy Fleharty said...

Love the valentines!!! Adorable. And you are right. Nothing's cuter than a baby with a mustache!