Monday, October 31, 2011

RA Racers

Our church has a missions organization for boys that meets on Wednesday nights. It is called RAs (Royal Ambassadors). They work on scripture memory and learning about missions. They work on various mission projects and have guest speakers that come to speak to them. In addition to their heavy focus on missions, they throw in some fun activities. They have an annual camp out in the spring and a pinewood derby in the fall.

Wade was actually in RAs as a kid, and has many fond memories from that part of his childhood. His mom saved his vest and his old pinewood derby cars. I love that he has such a soft spot in his heart for this organization. When he was asked to teach the 1st grade RAs, he was happy to accept. :)

RA Racers was on October 21st this year. Clayton & Wade worked hard for weeks on Clayton's car. Hobby Lobby has a whole section dedicated to RA Racers, so we made many trips to the good ole Hob Lob. ;) There was lots of talk of color schemes, aerodynamics, weight positions, preparing the axel, etc. It was pretty cute to watch Wade & Clayton bond over this project.

There were 9 cars from the 1st graders, and there was some fierce competition. Ha!

Clayton with 2 of his buddies.
When all was said and done, Clayton won 2nd place. He was sooo proud!

I realized after the race that, between our 3 boys, there will be a grand total of 18 RA race cars made by our family. I'd say that we are off to a good start. ;)