Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Drew is 11 months old!

Oh, no - say it isn't so?!?! My baby boy will celebrate his first birthday in just one short month! Time flies by crazy fast during this first year, doesn't it?

11 months is a fun age full of new discoveries every day. Right now Drew:

* Wears 18 month clothes and size 4 diapers. He also has a grand total of 5 teeth now - two on top and three on the bottom.

* Prefers finger foods to jars of baby food. I am trying hard to keep him on baby food as long as I can, but he would much rather chow down on regular food. Last night he ate a full jar of sweet potatoes & turkey baby food, a large helping of cut up green beans, and a full container of pears (cut up really small). Our boy loves him some texture!

* Wakes up happy every morning. He has a big ol' smile on his face as soon as I open the door. I'm not a morning person at all, but I sure do love starting my day with that precious grin. :)

* Drew is so, so, so busy right now. He is a wild man! He crawls around and explores his world nonstop. He recently moved up to the "Babies C" nursery at church. When I picked him up on that first Sunday in his new room, one of his sweet teachers said, "My heavens, Drew sure is an inquisitive little thing isn't he?!?!" I agreed that inquisitive is a good adjective to describe him right now. I can just see the little wheels turning as he figures out new things.

* Drew spends the vast majority of his awake times furniture cruising around the house. He will even let go of whatever he is holding onto and stand alone for a few seconds here and there. I still think that walking will be a couple of months away, but I am okay with that. I can still technically call him a "baby" for now. Once he takes his first steps, though, he'll officially be a toddler. :(

(For the record, Wade totally disagrees with that logic and had the audacity to tell me that Drew "isn't a baby anymore" last night. When he saw my eyes well up with tears, I think that he was wishing that he could have a do-over on that one. Ha!)

* Drew gets so excited when we walk into the bathroom for bathtime. A huge grin comes over his face as soon as I open the door. I'm not sure if it is the actual bath that makes him so giddy or the fact that he gets to look at himself in the huge bathroom mirror. Either way, it's funny to watch.

* When Drew is really tired, he stinks his bottom in the air and puts the top of his head on the floor. It looks like he is about to do a forward roll. I have no idea why he does that, but it is hysterical. I laugh every time. ;)

* Drew still doesn't say any real words besides, "Da da." I have noticed, however, that he is much more "chatty" when Clayton isn't around. I had always heard that the second child doesn't talk as much because their sibling is always talking for them. So far, that is definitely true for our family.

* My favorite part of this age is that Drew is starting to learn to do little "tricks." He will figure out something that we are teaching him and he smiles so big at the praise that we give him. It is truly a joy to watch him when him beam with pride. He can wave, shake his head "no", make a kissing noise with his lips, and fake cough. Too funny...

Apparently he can play the piano, too. :)

* He still loves to snuggle with his Mama before bedtime. Oh, how I treasure those times with him...

My Precious Drew,

I absolutely love watching your little personality develop each and every day. You are so much fun to watch! You are still pretty laid back and easy going most of the time. However, I have seen a hint of a temper come out a couple of times this month. Where on earth did you get that from?!?! Certainly not from your Mama...

I am thankful for you each and every day. I have so enjoyed your infancy and babyhood, but I am also looking forward with great anticipation to the future. I wonder every day about what you will be like at 1 year old, and 2, and 3, and so on. I day dream about how you will look, what you will sound like, your personality and mannerisms, etc. I am thrilled to death that I will get to be with you every step of the way.

I love you to pieces,


Hannah said...

I love the mama n drew snuggle picture! and the one of him crawling in the dining room reminds me of Mr. Carpenter! what a cutie! time flies and he will ALWAYS be your baby even when you have another baby!

Leah said...

What a little darling 11 month old, that Drew is!!! I can't believe the big #1 is right around the corner.

He is such a joy to be around!

That smile melts my heart!!!

Mrs. H said...

I didn't think Drew could get any more precious, but he has. Gran loves you Drew.

Tara said...

I have to comment on Drew still loving to snuggle before bedtime. Hailey has learned some sign language from her day care. One of the signs is "please". The other night I was trying to rock her before bed for some good snuggle time and all she did was reach for her bed and sign "please" over and over again. I wanted to cry!!! So needless to say, bedtime snuggles are rare these days so eat 'em while you can.

Miss you guys!