Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Bloggy Randomness...

I feel the need to apologize for my absence from the blogosphere lately. It was brought to my attention this weekend that people were starting to worry about my lack of posts. Apparently, there were speculations of illness, computer problems, etc. One sweet friend even said (jokingly, of course), "I'm sure getting tired of seeing 'Boredom Buster #4' every time that I click on your blog." Ha!

I just haven't really had anything major to blog about lately. We've spent the last couple of weeks trying to squeeze every last drop out of summer. We've had some fun playdates and goofed off at home, but I have taken very few pictures lately (shocking - I know!).

To be honest, I had totally forgotten how exhausting this semi-mobile part of babyhood is. My sweet lap-sitting Drew has transformed overnight into a super busy little monkey, who is constantly exploring, never still, and getting into everything. Gone are the days of typing away while my precious babe sat in his exersaucer... I feel like I am so busy wrangling that sweet little toot that I can't manage to take pictures of our daily life (much less document them on our blog). I know that you Mamas out there understand, though, right? Can I get an "Amen"?

Since I can't manage to form a cohesive thought (nor a cohesive blog post), here are some random tidbits about life right now.

* Clayton starts back to preschool next Tuesday (the 15th). He is sooo excited to meet his new teachers, find out which of his friends will be in his class, and get back into his preschool groove.

For now, he is enjoying the end of summer and all of the slip sliding that entails. :)

* We signed Clayton up for Fall Tee Ball. He is stoked! He and Wade have been practicing in the front yard in the evenings. Maybe this will be his sport - you just never know...

Or he could follow in his Mama's footsteps and try lots of activities and never really stick with any of them. I attempted ballet, tap, gymnastics, competitive jump roping (oh yes, my friends, there is such a thing!), choir, piano, and violin all by the 5th grade. Bless my parents hearts for paying for and transporting me to all of those lessons!

* Drew has enjoyed jumping in his Jumperoo while watching Brother practice.

He jumps and jumps until he is too tired to bounce any longer.

* Clayton came out of the playroom in this costume the other day...

He had his Superman tee shirt and cape on underneath a dress shirt and tie. He was also wearing some old 3D glasses. He said, "Hi Lois, I'm Clark Kent." Ha! He cracks me up sometimes with how his little mind works.

*We're starting Drew out on superhero costumes early. ;)

* The lack of smiling and drool on the front of Drew's onesie is hard-earned evidence of his latest trials with teething. He is cutting his second top tooth as we speak. This has definitely been the toughest teething experience that he has had thus far. With the other 3 teeth, they just kinda appeared without the usual teething symptoms. This tooth, however, has caused shortened naps, fussiness, tons 'o drool, earlier morning wakings, etc. Boo! I'm ready for that sucker to break through so that I can have my happy baby back. Hopefully in the next few days...

* We spent part of the day on Saturday putting all of the baby gear in the attic. It was bittersweet. It was sad to think that Drew didn't need his swing, bouncy seat, play mat, infant car seat, Bumbo, baby clothes, etc. But, it is nice to have a little more living space without all of that stuff. And, hopefully, one day there will be another Carpenter baby that will need all of that equipment. :)

I think that is all that I have for now! Meet the teacher is on Thursday, so that should give me something to blog about. Let's hope that my "strong willed child" makes a good first impression. Ha!

P.S. Happy 5th birthday, Miss Morgan! We love you, sweet girl!


Mrs. H said...

Thank you for your sharing the Carpenter days with us. I love reading every detail.

Doug and Kelli said...

Awesome update... missed you!!!

Matt & Cindy Fleharty said...

Seeing your boys makes me excited that we're having a boy! Go Team Blue!!

Tara said...

I juste wanted to give you an "AMEN"!!!