Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Weekend with our favorite Tar Heels

This weekend our sweet friends, Leslie and Will, came in from North Carolina for a visit. It was so fun to spend some time with them. We also got to meet their sweet baby girl, Anna. She was absolutely precious - a true joy to be around. Such a good baby...

A little background on our relationship - Leslie and I met the day that we both interveiwed at Children's. We quickly realized that we are very much alike. We tease that God made us out of the same mold. It's scary how similar that we are... Over time our husbands have gotten to be very good friends as well, and Will has taken on the job of being our financial planner. It is so nice to have someone that we totally trust in charge of our finances. Will takes such good care of us! Even though this visit was totally for social purposes, Will brought our "portfolio" to go over. He patiently explained everything and was reassuring about this terrible economy that we are living in - yuck!

After the "business" portion of their visit, we proceeded with the social portion of the visit. Although most of the trip revolved around naptimes and mealtimes for the little ones, we still had a blast with our sweet friends. We ate, shopped, played, and swam while the kiddos were awake. After we put them down for bed, Leslie and I talked and laughed. I also introduced her to the wonderful world of the Cricut. Will and Wade played on the wii until the wii (get it?) hours of the night - long after Leslie and I turned in.

A fun time was had by all and our only regret is that the Hege family doesn't live closer. :(

Clayton got more practice with being a big brother. He LOVED baby Anna.

I made brownies for our guests and Clayton reaped the rewards. :) He was in hog heaven!

Doesn't that sweet face just melt your heart?!?! She definitely intensified my baby fever. I can't wait until October!!!

All the girls...

And the boys...

We miss you Hege family!!! Come back soon!


Mrs. H said...

I am so glad your friends came to visit. Anna does appear to be absolutely precious. Her sweet smile would melt anyone! I loved the chocolate cover Clayton!