Friday, July 18, 2008

So Long Sea Turtles...

Clayton has spent the last two weeks in swimming lessons at the community pool by our house. For the first few days, I must admit that I was pretty sure that it was a total waste of $75. Clayton and one other little boy were the only two kids in the Sea Turtle class. I thought that he would get a lot of one on one attention from the teacher. Not so much...

The other little boy was absolutely terrified of the water and screamed nonstop for the first two lessons. Poor Miss Angie had to deal with a crier and my crazy fish that was constantly in her face saying, "What's next, Miss Angie?" and "Watch this, Miss Angie!" It really made me appreciate teachers. It must be so hard to teach a classroom full of kids that are all on different levels. God bless all you sweet teachers out there!

By the third day, the other little boy was no longer screaming and things got better. Clayton has been a pretty good swimmer, so he was really bored with blowing bubbles and sitting on the side practicing kicking. Miss Angie realized that and starting working with him on his strokes. He ended up LOVING lessons and actually learned a lot. Today was the last day and Miss Angie taught him how to do a cannonball. He thinks that he is big stuff now! We also got his evaluation form. Miss Angie said that he was ready to promote to the Otter class next summer. Yea!

Check out that form!

Blowing bubbles and kicking

How did I end up with such a skinny child?!?!? You can count every rib on that little monkey!

Riding on the sea turtle float

Working on his cannonball


Mrs. H said...

Clayton is a little fish. Gran can verify that! I can remembber another beginning swimmer screaming her head off. I think Clayton got Wade's swimming genes. Thank you, Miss Angie, for your keen observaton of Clayton's desire to be a quick study.