Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! What a "love"ly holiday! Clayton had his Valentine's Day party at preschool yesterday. It was mass chaos. Twelve two-year-olds with cupcakes and juice boxes... what a mess! It made me appreciate Miss Yvonne and Miss Loretta even more than I already did.

Today we went to the library for storytime. Clayton took his valentines and passed them out to all of the kids. They also made a Valentine card and ate cookies. The librarian had even made little goody bags for all of the kids with pencils, stickers, a bookmark, and a pin. I am really going to miss our little library. They do such fun things!

My Love Bug

Clayton with Miss Loretta and Miss Yvonne

Clayton with his friends Lexi & Jolie at the Library

Giving Jolie a hug


Albus Adventures said...

SOOO Cute! I love the hug!