Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Wade-O!

It's my hubby's 29th birthday! In honor of Wade's birthday, here are my favorite things about him.

1. He's gorgeous (those piercing blue eyes kill me)!
2. He is the most amazing father that I have ever seen - totally hands on.
3. He is a great provider for our family.
4. He puts up with his neurotic wife. :)
5. He is really organized. (The man makes a spreadsheet for EVERYTHING.)
6. He is a wonderful cook.
7. He is a big kid at heart. (I sometimes tease that I have two children.)
8. He is really creative and artistic. (He picked out all of the paint colors in our old house. He also painted a mural in Clayton's room. And, he even gives me ideas for my scrapbooks.)
9. He makes me laugh every single day.
10. He is an extremely thoughtful husband.

Happy Birthday, Babe! We love you!!!


Matt & Cindy Fleharty said...

Happy Birthday Wade-O!!

Albus Adventures said...

Happy birthday Wade!!!

Gran said...

Here's another reason...

His mother-in-law loves and respects him...