Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Tale of Two Schools

Today we went to story time at the library. Our library recently got a new playhouse, this cool thermograph thing (the kids press their hands on it and it changes colors), a distorting mirror, and a puppet show stage. After the librarian finished reading, the kids got to play. Clayton loves the new playhouse that they got. He, along with a few other kids, went straight to it. They were all playing nicely, so I started looking for some books to check out. I could see all the other kids playing with the stuffed animals and giggling. Clayton was sitting down on the bench inside the house with his hands in his lap. He said to one of the other kids, "I'm watching football on the TV. I'm watching the gig 'em Aggies." At which point he peeks his head out and says (loudly), "Mom, I'm watching the gig 'em Aggies - not the hook 'em horns!" He was grinning from ear to ear. Several of the moms around me started laughing. I said, "Do you think that I have sufficiently brain washed him?"

A related story:
We went to see Wade's grandparents this weekend. Clayton was talking all about the "gig 'em Aggies" and the "hook 'em Horns." Wade's grandmother asked Clayton, "Well, which one are you going to be when you grow up?" Clayton sat there thinking for awhile. You could almost see the inner conflict brewing about which parent he should disappoint. Finally, he said, "A Long Aggie!" I think this kid could have a future in politics. :)


Matt & Cindy Fleharty said...

HAAAAHAAAAAA! I love that boy. Yes, he should definitely go into politics. Hilarious. And, I'm glad you are representing. I have a feeling if we ever have kids, I'm going to lose that battle!!

Matt & Cindy Fleharty said...

So where'd you find the cute background??

Albus Adventures said...

That's some funny stuff. I can't wait to see my little long aggie next weekend! I love your new template.

Brad and Emily said...

Clayton - there is only one REAL university in texas....Gig'em!