Monday, January 07, 2008

Fondue with 2521 ("the original cast")

During my last year at A&M I lived with an awesome group of girls. There were 5 of us total, and we lived in a 3 bedroom duplex. Our address was 2521 Ashford (that will be forever ingrained in my head). We had an absolute BLAST together! We were all very different, but we got along really well. Several years ago (we still can't remember the date of the first one - I think Dec. 2001) we started an annual tradition of meeting up shortly after Christmas to do fondue. It was Katie's idea, and she has always hosted the event at her parents' house. (They have a gorgeous home and are total fondue experts, so it is a great setup.)

This year the Stemmermann's were our gracious hosts, yet again. This year, however, they allowed us to help out a little more than usual. Katie did most of the prep work, and then she taught the rest of us how to combine the ingredients to make an awesome meal. It was neat to see what Mr. & Mrs. Stem have been doing "behind the scenes" all these years. It is a lot of work (and the amount of dirty dishes - oh my)! We always have cheese fondue, salad, meat & veggie fondue, and finish it all off with chocolate fondue. It has been 3 days, and I am still stuffed! Yum-0! We ate, talked, and laughed for 7 hours (until 2am). It was fun to relive our old college days and recount all of the funny stories. (Most of them were at poor Halie's expense - we love you, Hay-Bay!) This year it was the original 5 of us. Laura, who took my room when I left A&M, couldn't make the trip down from Connecticut because she has a brand new baby BOY. She was definitely missed, but we hope & pray that she is enjoying her new baby.

I love this sweet group of friends, and will always treasure the year that I got to live with them! Here are some pictures from our fun night together.

The before picture... Traci & CJ hadn't gotten there yet. They drove in from College Station and Cindy flew in from New Mexico. I'm telling you - this is one dedicated group!

Me and Halie making sauces.

"the original cast" :) (Check out what time it was! 1:15am and we were still goin' strong.)

Next year we will probably opt for paper plates and plastic ware. he he he

P.S. For those of you who are wondering, we are still searching for a house. My in-laws were kind enough to keep Clayton this weekend so that we could power house hunt. :) We looked at between 50 & 60 houses! They all started to run together after awhile. We have 3 good options, but are debating about what to do next. Oh, the drama...


Becca said...

That looked like a really yummy meal! How fancy and sweet! I will never forget the "Big Bootie" game ya'll taught me and the "number" the girls did at you and Wade's wedding! That was priceless!

Let me know if you make an offer on a house. Jeff knows how to look them up on the web, so we can see pics!

halie said...

You did such a good job at retelling it all...can I just copy & paste to my blog? :) Fun times! Love you, Sarah!