Friday, July 01, 2016

Playa Del Carmen

Wade's Mama does Grammie Camp with all of the grandkids every Summer.  Usually, they go one kid at a time for 5 days at a time.  This year, however, Grammie wanted to have Cousin camp with all of the grandkids.  So fun!  When we figured out that we would be sans kiddos for a few days, I started listing off all of the home improvement projects that we could work on.  My sweet hubby had other plans, however!  He immediately got on the computer to figure out where we could go using airline miles and hotel points.  ;)  He figured out that we could fly to Mexico and stay in Playa del Carmen at an all inclusive resort for virtually free.  Sign me up!  :)

We stayed at the Royal Playa del Carmen.  It was beautiful and everything was just so nice!  It was immaculately clean, the food was delicious, and the people were super friendly!  It was exactly what we had hoped for!

My master negotiator of a hubby got us upgraded to a really nice suite.  He's just the best!

Wade and I looked at the HUGE shower with 6 shower heads and had the same exact thought, "I'm so glad that we don't have to squeegee that!"  You know that you are an adult when you have that mentality!  Haha!

We alternated between laying by the beach and laying by the pool.  It was so great to have that as our only decision!

A poolside ceviche class.  Yum!

The ocean was soooo beautiful!
Wade told them that we were celebrating our anniversary, so the romance concierge left us fun little surprises all week.  They made all sorts of towel creatures and left flowers on our bed.  They wrote "Happy Anniversary" on our dessert plates, and even left us champagne and strawberries in the room.  I like the way that they celebrate in Playa!

All of the restaurants were AMAZING!  Our favorite was Chef's Plate.  They had a 7 course tasting menu every night.  So delicious!

This guy played quite a bit of water volleyball.
We brought our snorkel stuff and enjoyed seeing the beautiful fish.

They had parrots by the pool one day, and the hotel photographer asked if he could take a picture.  :)
The nightly entertainment was fun, too!  They did all sorts of acrobatic tricks.

The hotel provided a free bike tour of Playa, so we went exploring with Lalo one day.  He was an excellent tour guide!

He showed us some Mayan ruins.

The Asian restaurant was delicious!

Our room included a beach cabana that was so lovely!

This guy took full advantage of the free wifi to stream the Ranger game to his phone.  He played the sound over his Beats pill - pretty great setup!  Watching the Rangers on the beach... does life get any better?
Last night at Chef's Plate....

We had a absolutely fabulous getaway, but we sure were ready to see our little guys!  They were pretty stoked about their Mexican souvenirs.  Ha!  Wrestling masks, personalized bracelets, toys, a poncho, and marionettes = happy kiddos!

Wade's travel is hard on us.  It just is.  He has a wonderful job that he loves, but he has to be out of town quite a bit.  There are many nights that I sit on the couch by myself in the evenings and just wish that he was there to talk to me.  When we get the chance to use the points and miles that he accrues, we jump at the opportunity.  We are so thankful for the grandparents, aunt & uncle, best friends, points, and miles that allowed us to take this trip!  It was so good for us!