Saturday, June 11, 2016

National Best Friend Day

June 8th was National Best Friend Day.  Of course, we had to celebrate with our best girls!  We went roller skating with the Hunt chicas!  It was the first roller skating experience for Drew & Owen, and they both did great! 

 Love that these 5 are all best friends!

 Drew started out with the trainer thingy, but progressed to the point that he didn't need it.  He fell quite a bit, but just kept on getting back up and trying again.  He is a persistent little fella!

 Miss Mags is so flexible!  We teased that we were going to start calling her Flat Maggie!

 One second all of the bigs were skating hand in hand....
 Then Drew ended up on the ground!  Ha!  Their reactions make me laugh - Clayton immediately laughed at his brother, Sadie is genuinely concerned, and Mags is still skating her little heart out.  ;)

 See!  Drew was a master skater by the time it was all said and done.  :)
We are so grateful for our best buds!  We have the best time when we are together!