Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Puppy Love

There's just something about a little boy and his puppy...  These two sure love each other!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day

We LOVE our Daddy!  He is just the very best papa to these boys!  We loved having a day to celebrate him and the gift that he is to our family!

We got him some new yard equipment
 Clayton couldn't wait to give him the pocket knife that he bought for him while we were at Bucee's.  He wrapped it himself, of course.  ;)

On Sunday morning, we gave Daddy a few more gifts.  Owen had made a keychain at preschool for his Daddy.  He brought it home back in May and has been chomping at the bit to give it to him.  :)

 We also gave Daddy a driving voucher to go and drive a Lambourgini.  He was pretty excited!
 After church, I told the boys that we were going to do whatever Daddy wanted to do.  There was a Ranger game on, and Wade LOVES baseball.  The US Open was on, and Wade LOVES golf.  When his children suggested that he may enjoy a trip to the waterpark, however, he said that was exactly what he wanted to do.  ;)  Lucky for them, he loves his sons even more than baseball and golf.  Furthermore, he went above and beyond and consented to participate in the Father/Child dance competition.  He did the worm and dabbed with Clayton for the win - what a guy!

Out of all of the men in the world, I could not have chosen a better father for my children.  He is 100% hands on, works hard to be an excellent provider, loves the Lord with all of his heart, and is committed to pointing our children to the cross.  He is one in a million, and we are so glad that he is ours!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

VBS 2016 - Submerged!

 What a fun Vacation Bible School we had!  The boys had fun, and so did I!  I think that it was my favorite year of VBS to date!  :)

Clayton was promoted to the 5th Grade Identity VBS.  They got McDonalds, Sonic, Mr. Jim's Pizza, and Steel City Pops for their snacks, which C thought was AWESOME!  A far cry from the goldfish and pretzels that the little kids had.  ;)  They also got to play cool games and have more in depth Bible Study.  Clayton is a fan!

Drew got to be in a class with Luke and Slade, which he was thrilled about!  During rec on Monday, his left foot got covered in ant bites.  So... that was a rocky way to start the week.  :(  He ended up having a great week and learned so much!  He could answer all of my questions about his story each day.  :) 

Owen was with his sweet SS teacher, Mrs. Eileen, and most of his SS buddies.  He had a great week!  Mrs. Eileen spoiled them rotten - he brought home a goody bad everyday full of blow up toys, games, etc.  He had a ball!

We got to keep my 2 year old nephew, Seth, and 9 month old niece, Hannah for part of the week.  They were sooooo good!  They just went with the flow and slept great at night.  Dream babies, for sure!  It was a little tricky to go back to 2 in diapers and a bottle/nap schedule.  I forgot how labor intensive babies are (even really, really good ones!).  Wade helped me a ton, and we were able to manage 5 kids and VBS.  It was a team effort!  :)

I taught 2nd grade, and really enjoyed it!  I think that 2nd Grade is definitely my preferred age group.  They were so great!  I got to do a lot of the decorating, which I enjoy.  My sweet friend, Terri, taught the story each day and did a wonderful job.  I just loved everything about the week!

I made this spray foam starfish.

 I texted this pic to my team mates, because I found spray foam in my hair 4 days later!  I wash my hair daily, so that stuff had been through 4 washes and hadn't budged.  I ended up just pulling those strands out.  ;)
 We made sea turtles over the light fixtures.
 We had a bright, happy room!  :)
The stage looked pretty great too!  My sister in law's church let us borrow their backdrop, and it was awesome!  So thankful for their generosity!
 Monday - Day 1
 Tuesday - Day 2
We got to VBS 5 minutes early - even with 2 extra kiddos.  Whoop!  We had time to snap a few pictures before dropping the babies off.

 Owen gave Hannah her bottle after VBS.  :)
 Seth was happy to play, play, play!

 He came up to me and said, "Cheese.  Cheese." with this little play phone.  I finally realized that he was taking my picture with his phone.  Ha!
 Clayton and Pierce were on the red team, and they were decked out head to toe!

Wednesday - Day 3
We weren't quite as early on Wednesday, but still time to grab a couple of quick pics.  ;)

 Our sweet class of 23 2nd graders
 I loved working with these gals!
 Seth's teachers were so sweet!
 I got to see Drew in worship rally and during rec time.  I loved getting to peek in on that cutie.  :)

 I checked on our Sleeping Beauty during my break.  Sweet doll...

 I checked on C & P too.  They were immersed in their Bible Study...
until they spotted me.  :)

Our friends that used to live down the street were visiting from Georgia.  They stopped by so that the kids could see each other.  :)
Drew said, "Landon was my best friend when we were little!"  ;)
A fun week was had by all!  Most of all, we pray that the seed of the Gospel was planted in many hearts and that lives were forever changed.  Please, Jesus, continue to work in the hearts of all of the children that entered our church!