Saturday, March 05, 2016

Living Museum - March 3, 2016

Our school hosted a living museum on March 3rd.  The kids were able to choose a biography to read.  Then they were supposed to dress like the person and prepare a speech in the first person about their person's life.  When anyone pushed their "play button" they gave their speech.  This year, they combined Living Museum with Grandparents Day.  Having Grammie & Papaw there to cheer them on was an added bonus!  :)

Clayton chose to be Julius Caesar and Drew was Dr. Seuss.  They learned a ton and did such a wonderful job playing their parts.  So proud of them!

Julius Caesar ran into Cleopatra - imagine that!
 Steve Irwin & Dr. Seuss (sidenote:  Drew kept calling himself Dr. Drew-ss.  Haha - love that kid and his witty sense of humor!)