Sunday, April 12, 2015

Drew's Humpty Dumpty Moment....

My sweet Drew had quite the Humpty Dumpty moment today.  We had gone to Eddlemon's to celebrate Aunt Leigh Ann's completion of her last round of chemo.  We are so grateful to God for the way that He has healed her!  We will never stop praising His name for the way that He has restored her health.  Praise Him, praise Him!

We got there early, so the kids were playing in the outdoor pavilion where we were planning to eat lunch.  Drew was swinging on the step railing.  He neglected to realize that there was a stone wall behind him.  He flung himself backwards... and straight into the brick wall.  OUCH!  In true Drew fashion, he gave me a thumbs up and said, "I'm okay!"  Our friend, Stacy, was behind him and quickly said, "He's NOT okay!"  He could see Drew's head split open and blood pouring down his back.  Oh my stars - this nurse Mama panicked!  I ran to the bathroom with him.  I held pressure, but couldn't get the bleeding to stop.  I had to assess how deep the gash was, so I pulled the skin open.  Y'all.  I promise you that I could see his scalp!  That is when I lost my mind.

We hustled to get in the car and raced to Medical Center of Arlington.  They quickly got us back and told us that he would need staples.  Ugh.  The PA then told me that the lidocaine would hurt more than the staples and told me that he would be doing the procedure without any numbing/anesthetic/pain medication.  What?!?!  I told him that I was a PICU nurse and felt very strongly about pain management.  He was firm, though, and told me that he had done this procedure both ways and that just getting it done was best.  I was so emotionally drained, that I consented.   Never again.  It was awful.  My poor baby cried and thrashed the whole time.  I am not a violent person, but I wanted to punch that PA by the end.  :(

He got 5 staples, but probably needed at least 2 more.  So terrible.
 A sucker was a lame consolation prize.  Come on, MCA, step your game up!  ;)
 We did learn that MCA is the Official Hospital of the Texas Rangers.  I bet that they wouldn't put staples in a Rangers player without any anesthetic.  :-/