Friday, March 13, 2015

Clayton Turns 10!

A full decade?!?!  Two full hands old?!?!  That simply cannot be.

I can't believe that my first baby is 10 years old.  Blows my mind.

This year, C opted for a guitar rather than a party.  I really hope that he will put in the effort to learn to play!  I think that playing a musical instrument is such a valuable skill!

I attempted to make a cookie cake for my non-cake eating boy, but I had a little too much batter/not enough pan problem.  It may have spilled over the edge and made a big burned mess at the bottom of my oven.  ;)  We still ate it and he told me that he loved it.

 A little collage of my sweet firstborn.  He was a darling baby, a precious toddler, and has grown into a gorgeous young man.  So proud of this boy!